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All Classes are held at

Kowalski Studio

# 617 Aquarium Village

Ferry Slip Road in South Beach OR

just south of the Oregon Coast Aquarium 

To see student projects go to this public facebook page:

Glass Fusion: One Day Workshop

$ 40.00

8 to 10 people materials, firings included

This class is an opportunity to make fused glass objects without a lot of technical lectures. No knowledge of glass art is required.  Most projects can be made using the collage method.  This class will include the basics of designing and preparing small projects for fusing and slumping.

One project will be completed, for which materials will be supplied.   These materials include a 10" clear blank, an extensive selection of compatible glass pieces, frit and stringers, plus copper wire, screen and foil.  After the initial firing, the glass blank can be placed on a mold and fired again to slump it into a plate or bowl.  A wide range of mold shapes will be available to choose from, including high-fire plaster.  

Thursday afternoon    1 PM - 3 PM   March 13

Thursday afternoon    1 PM - 3 PM   March 20

Sunday afternoon       1 PM - 3 PM    March 23

Thursday afternoon    1 PM - 3 PM    March 27

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Dichroic Jewelry: One Day Workshop

$ 50

6 -8 people Materials and firings included

In this class we will make two dichroic pendants and matching earrings.  Learn to make your own jewelry using different techniques in glass fusing and create one-of-kind dichroic glass jewelry in this one day workshop.


Sunday afternoon           1 PM - 3 PM             March 30

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Create a Mask

$ 40.00

6-8 people Materials and firings included

Make a beautiful glass mask in this one day workshop.  A clear glass blank will be provided that can be personalized with an extensive selection of compatible glass pieces, frit vitrigraph and stringer.  Each mask has copper hangers attached so they can also be a wall display.

                   Saturday afternoon                  1 to 3 p.m.           March 22


Registration Form

Glass Block Casting Glass:Three Day Workshop

$ 250

4 people Materials and firings included

During this class, students will create an 8x12 inch glass block that is 1 inch thick .  The creation of these thick landscape pieces will use techniques of box casting and bas relief plaster carving.  We will use colored glass, frit, vitrigraph rods and stringer to construct multi-layered pieces that have complexity and depth.   The diring schedule and mold making instructions will be demonstrated, so that techniques learned in class can be duplicated and expanded upon in your own

Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday afternoon    1 PM - 3 PM    April 15,16,17


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Teresa KowalskiP.O. Box 392South Beach, Oregon
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